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Two CCTV technologies are available:

- HD Analogue (HD-TVI / HD-CVI / AHD) 

   Provides HD or higher resolution images (1080p / 4MP / 8MP)

   More cost effective (from R600/camera)

   Has long range cabling abilities (video: 800m+ / power: 100m)

   Limited software features & no WiFi transmission

- IP  (Internet Protocol - Network Camera)

   Provides HD or higher resolution images (1080p / 4MP / 8MP)

   IP cameras costs more (from R2 000/camera)

   more limited cabling distances (CAT5: 100m - 250m / Fiber),

   advanced features / transmit via WiFi / stand-alone

Which CCTV solution is the best?

   Budget is main concern

   Special features are not required (LPR, POS, etc.)

   Wireless cameras not needed  (DVR: 2x IP cameras can be added)

   Functionality is main concern (shutter speed, AI triggers, analytics...)

   Software & camera firmware upgrades are required

   Wireless cameras, network able cameras, are needed

   Onboard audio warnings & trigger outputs are needed

Hikvision CCTV
Dahua CCTV
Dahua cameras
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