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Intelligent Video Analytics   (IVA) will become common to most CCTV installations,

as software development increases accuracy and features in future:

- Centralized: IVA software on a PC, added to an existing CCTV system (NVR and/or PC:  3rd party software, like off-site monitoring)

- De-centralized: IVA inside IP cameras (On-board processing, only record and stream the AI events)

Your camera system can do the following, to name but a few:


- TRIPWIRES: Draw lines along perimeter on the software (alarm, SMS, email, voice warning message, Public Address)

- PEOPLE COUNTING: Count in / out. Cars / people

- MISSING OBJECT / FOREIGN OBJECT: Instant alarm when fixed fittings are stollen / Foreign objects are placed

- ANPR: Automatic Number Plate Recognition (log registration no.s, trigger gate for registered owners)

- FACE RECOGNITION: Verify faces when entering at access gate camera

- FORENSIC SEARCH: - Quick search of object with set sizes, speed, colour crossing a tripwire.

- DWELL IN AREA: Alarm upon dwelling in area (parking not allowed...)

- MAPPED LAYOUT: Quick & easy camera location & view on mapped camera position


- POS: Point of Sale interface - super imposing till data on video, with quick search of transactions

- HEAT MAPS: Track customers' most visited areas, improve posisitioning of ads, staff, etc.

MISSING OBJECT & FOREIGN OBJECT: Alarm upon theft of fixtures, placement of suspiscious objects

- FACE RECOGNITION: Verify faces when entering shop, shopping trends, warnings

YT video triggers.jpg
YT video thermal trigger.jpg

VIDEO ANALYTICS USES (see "Videos" Page)

- TRIPWIRE:   draw a line on the software along the fence image

When a person moves across the line, an alarm will trigger on the software

An audio message warns the guard ("movement at south gate")

The guard confirms visually & responds by speaking to the intruder,

or an automated pre-recorded message is played

A trigger can be activated to switch on lights / siren / open gate...etc.

- LPR: License plate registering

Automate access for residents (white list)

Be warned about unwanted trespassers (black list)

OTHER OPTIONS: (concept ideas)

- LAN ACCESS: Fiber network or WiFi Mesh within a complex / flat

   Complex needs to own the fiber network INSIDE the complex for a VPN

   IP video intercom to each house / flat / room

   Residents can view selected cameras via an App

   Concierge connection to front desk / gate / guard

   Panic button system

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