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" All in/out transactions must be recorded (data / video) for follow up.

  Web access to these logs simplifies control by managing agencies.

  Residents (not guards) must have the final say over who may enter

   the complex, no matter the complexity of the system.

  Traffic flow is however of the essence, since most complexes

  do not have enough parking space for visitors to pull over.

  There will always be newer, better systems developed each year.

  Buy what will work for your complex now, with expansion options."

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FLUSS  Bluetooth App Cloud control


Controlling access at complexes involves the following challenges:

- Residents: Easy to control access rights, logged events & gate triggers

   (from remotes, tag readers, biometrics to cellular triggers, logged on the web)

- Visitors: Full responsibility for access is taken by the residents (not the guard)

  (from intercoms to log books/data scanners with phone calls, biometrics & CCTV)

- Services: Armed Response, municipal, garden services, contractors, etc.

  (regular access, time control, special rights, ID workers, etc.)



- Biometric face/fingerprint readers

- Bluetooth readers (trigger via App)

- Tag/card readers

- Remotes (managed via web)

- Cellular triggers: missed call/App

All can be controlled via internet

- Edit access rights

- Download logs with access times

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- Log book  (not effective!!!)


- Cellular intercom Cloud control: edit & log

- PIN access/exist: added to cellular intercom

  - Request OTP via App

  - Send to visitor:  1-time access or timed

- IP Video intercom (IP network required)

- Biometrics: Hikvision Face/finger/card/QR 

   Face template loaded for access

   Time limitations set.

   Free software with remote assistance

            At The Gate (ATG)

- Handheld Scanner:

    Scan driver ID & license disk

    confirmed on national database, LIVE!!!

    virtual software via Cloud access

    App/SMS:  resident books a visitor,

    who receives PIN, entered on handheld,          eliminates phone calls, recorded online.

IP video intercoms

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Face Recognition & other tech

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